The RoundView has been under development since the mid 1990s. A wide range of people have contributed to its development, and are acknowledged below*. If we have missed someone, please do get in touch!

The RoundView builds upon existing approaches to sustainability, in particular the scientific rigour and systems-approach of The Natural Step (the ‘system conditions’ developed in The Natural Step form the basis of the core RoundView Guidelines and misguided lines).

The clarity around the need to change direction towards a positive vision was clarified by Cradle-to-Cradle and the need to take a whole systems view in this transformation was drawn form Industrial Ecology.  The learning approach underpinning the RoundView builds upon work in the change-management and community planning literature, such as Appreciative Inquiry, which suggests that a positive vision and approach inspires action and enhances motivation.

The following people have contributed to the artistic and graphic development of the RoundView:

Graham Pritchard – Graphic Artist (developed the latest version)
Michael Walsh – Architect and Graphic Artist
Dr. Jorge Inzulza Contardo – Architect – Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo, Universidad de Chile
Magnus Quaife – Independent Artist
Matthew Brown – Countryscape
Buddy Williams – Architect – Williams Architecture

The following people have contributed with valuable reviews and insights:

Helen Fulcher
Michael Guerra – Permaculture Designer
John Handley – Emeritus Groundwork Professor of Land Restoration and Management, School of Environment and Development, University of Manchester, 1990 UNEP Global 500 Roll of Honour
Derek Henderson – Easy Consulting
Andy Hill – Senior Marketing Manager, Tesco
Martin Hunt – Head of Networks and Partnerships, Forum for the Future
Cyrille Jegu – Strategic Sustainability Consultant
Craig Johnson – Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Ann Kolodziejski – Department of Psychology and Life Sciences, University of Bolton
Justin Larner – Independent social enterprise consultant, Social Balance
Neil MacGillivray – Health & Safety Advisor, Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe Ltd.
Tim O’Riordan – Emeritus Professor of Environmental Science, University of East Anglia, and formerly member of the UK Sustainable Development Commission
Joe Ravetz – Researcher, CURE – Centre for Urban and Regional Ecology, University of Manchester
James Rudee – Ketso
Jemma Simpson – Countryscape
Angus Soutar – Permaculture Institute of North Britain
Matthew Tippett – Upstream Sustainability Services, Jones Lang LaSalle
Sheila Tippett
Ken Webster – Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Buddy Williams – Williams Architecture
Christopher Wood, Emeritus Professor of Environmental Planning, School of Environment and Development, University of Manchester

In addition we have had great feedback and ideas from the education team of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Joanne’s students at Dominican College in San Rafael, California and in Planning and IDMP at the University of Manchester.

The research team and expert advisory group for the research projects funded by the Sustainable Consumption Institute have contributed greatly through their insight and critical reflections.

Principal Investigator
Dr. Joanne Tippett – Lecturer, School of Environment and Development (SED), University of Manchester
Project Advisor
Dr. Pete Mann – Emeritus, SED, University of Manchester, The Stamford Forum
Dr. Graeme Sherriff – Research Associate, SED, University of Manchester
Eben le Roux – Research Associate, SED, University of Manchester
Dr. Valerie Farnsworth – Research Associate, School of Education, University of Manchester
Sustainable Consumption Institute Liaison
Prof. Colin Hughes – Dean of External Affairs, University of Manchester – Theme Leader
Judith Nelson – Head of International Human Resources, Tesco
Rachael Preece – International Personnel – Reward Team, Tesco (Liaison Team)
Richard Sullivan – Head of Pay and Rewards, UK, Tesco (Liaison Team)
Expert Advisory Group
John Baines MBE – Professional Practice for Sustainable Development (PP4SD)
Prof. David Botham – Manchester Business School, University of Manchester
Jimmy Brannigan – ESD Consulting Ltd.
Dr. John Brooke – e-Science North-West – ESNW, University of Manchester
Dr. Davina Clarke – The Stamford Forum
Julie Crawshaw – Sustainable Consumption Institute, University of Manchester
Fraser How – How Creative
Prof. Paul Jackson – Manchester Business School, University of Manchester
Paul Mahoney – Countryscape
Maureen Martin – Professional Practice for Sustainable Development
Prof. Stephen Martin – Professional Practice for Sustainable Development
Prof. Mike Pedler – Henley Business School, University of Reading
Dr. Ann Shacklady-Smith – Manchester Business School, University of Manchester
Etienne Wenger – Visiting Professor in School of Education, University of Manchester
Dr. Jennifer Wilby – Business School, University of Hull

Over 200  Tesco staff in Head Offices and at Cheetham Hill Eco-store have also given their time and insights into the development of the RoundView.

* Please note that these organisations and people do not necessarily endorse the RoundView nor opinions on this website.