New Jigsaw Prototypes Developed

RoundView-jigsawsWe are excited to be developing new hands-on tools for exploring and learning about the RoundView. We have been testing these new tools with a range of people at the University of Manchester and with research partners, such as Natural England, and feedback has been great! One person commented:

“I wish we’d had these jigsaws at school, I might have passed my science GCSEs! I  hated science in school because I didn’t understand it, but with ten minutes with this tool I understand it a lot more than ever before!”

We are working with the University of Manchester’s School of Environment and Development Architecture Workshop to develop these jigsaws.

New RoundView site and Prezi launched

As of about 15 minutes ago, this new site has gone live and the Introductory Prezi made public.
So now you can read this, and the rest of the site…

Enjoy the site, explore the RoundView… let’s turn things around!

New graphics used!

The latest round of RoundView graphics were used for the first time in a workshop with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Development Field Officers.

Here the hands-on tools are being used to think of the key ideas underpinning the Guidelines.

We will be working with the Foundation to see how the RoundView can be used in their educational work over the next few months.

Welcome to Iris

Joanne gave birth to a daughter, Iris, on March 25. Both mother and baby are doing well.

Iris is looking forward to being able to play with the brightly coloured bits of RoundView graphics that she keeps trying to get her hands on so she can have a good chew on them.

Prize-winning RoundView at University of Manchester

The RoundView won two prizes in the first Low Carbon and Environment Competition held at the University of Manchester. These prizes will enable Joanne to work with both University of Manchester Intellectual Property (UMIP) and University of Manchester Incubator Company (UMIC) to develop the RoundView and enable it to be spread further.

Tony Walker of UMIC said:

“RoundView has a significant potential to become a framework for influence in a move toward a sustainable future. Again it could be a Manchester ‘first’ in its contribution to global economic and social well being, it was great to be able to support the further development of Dr Tippett and her work in what I hope will be a globally recognised philosophy for positive change.“

Professor Alistair Ulph, Director of the Sustainable Consumption Institute said:

“It is gratifying to see Dr Tippett’s research recognised by these two significant prizes. As lead investigator on two SCI research projects, her team identified the skills necessary to embed sustainability in the workplace. Their research has been presented widely, at prestigious events and organisations such as the World Economic Forum and UNESCO, and as importantly, has created a programme of accessible training on sustainability which is set to be rolled out further afield.”