Can I use the RoundView in my teaching? (University / School)

The RoundView has already been integrated into several courses in the School of Environment and Development at the University of Manchester (first year Environment and Society, second year Settlement Project, post-graduate Planning for Environmental Change andĀ Development Practice). Feedback has been very positive, with students seeing this as a way for them to see the bigger picture of their course, and a practical tool for applying sustainability ideas to their projects.

One-off RoundView sessions have also been taught at high schools in California and the North-West of England.

We are keen to see the RoundView integrated into many more courses at all levels. As discussed under the FAQ about training, we are working on guidance that will lead people through the key points, to make it easier to teach the RoundView and to make sure that the integrity and clarity of the RoundView framework is maintained.

One aim of the RoundView is to create a shared language to foster understanding and communication, so it is important that the key ideas are explained clearly and consistently. We are looking forward to learning from different people as they adapt the framework into their teaching.

So if you are interested in using RoundView in your teaching, please get in touch!