How is sustainability defined in the RoundView?

The RoundView’s definition of sustainability is “All people thriving, now and into the future”.

The RoundView Guidelines encourage a shift away from seeing consumption as a linear use of materials, towards perceiving it as a cyclic process. We need to think about how materials can be used over and over, so we gain value from their use, and then either return them to the eco-cycle so that nature can ‘add value’ again, or keep them in closed cycles of re-use in the ‘technical loop’. Whilst thinking of material flows, it is important to consider the ecosystems that are the engines of ‘adding value’ back to the material flows.

The RoundView Guidelines include the need to increase people’s capability to meet their needs worldwide; if this is not happening, the Guidelines are not being met.

To learn more about the Guidelines and the RoundView’s take on sustainability, take a look at our free learning resources.