Why don’t you give a list of specific ideas as to how to be more sustainable on this site?

The RoundView offers a framework against which to evaluate actions and ideas to see whether or not they are moving in a sustainable direction. The idea is to enable people to evaluate possible ideas themselves. There is a huge scope for creativity and new ways to do things to move in a sustainable direction. We don’t want to limit people’s imagination, but rather to help people build the skills to test ideas against sustainability guidelines. We are also hoping the RoundView will enthuse people to apply these ideas in as many different ways as possible!

The RoundView is more about asking the right questions than providing the right answers. Every situation is different, needing the awareness and skills of the people who understand the context and details of that situation. The RoundView can serve as a kind of ‘checklist’ to evaluate our new designs and solutions, to help make sure they will be of benefit from a whole system point of view. Beyond that the details of any particular innovation or solution are deliberately outside the scope of the RoundView.

As we develop the learning resources on this site, we will be adding examples and case studies to show these ideas and illustrate the Guidelines with examples in more detail.