Why should we bother thinking about the big picture, surely we should just get on with things and not waste time?

The problem is that so often when we ‘just get on with things’ we end up with a solution that solves one problem only to create another. A classic example of this is trying to replace fossil fuels with bio-fuels, to reduce carbon emissions. Without considering the bigger picture, this has led to a loss of biodiversity and reduction of food growing areas, leading to more social problems.

The RoundView provides a simple yet powerful framework for analysing such ideas, and testing them within an understanding of the big picture. The great value of the RoundView is that we do indeed know what we need to do to move in a positive direction, so we can ‘get on with things’ whilst also thinking about how they impact on the big picture. This gives a huge amount of room for creativity – and of course action! With the RoundView, we can be more confident that the action is actually going to improve things in the long run.