You can learn about the RoundView and how it works from our (developing) online resources, and through training opportunities. Our training uses hands-on tools to make learning enjoyable and engaging.

For the moment, we have a Prezi on the overview page that introduces the RoundView Guidelines and their background. We are hoping to add more resources to this site over time for e-learning.

For information about RoundView training opportunities, please take a look at our training page.

 “I didn’t realise how quickly we are destroying the ability to sustain life on our own planet. I didn’t expect that I would want to pass on what have learnt so eagerly and to engage everyone else that I have so far.” Participant on RoundView Training from Tesco

Hands-on learning tools for the RoundView“I wish we’d had these jigsaws at school, I might have passed my science GCSEs! I  hated science in school because I didn’t understand it, but with ten minutes with this tool I understand it a lot more than ever before!” Marie, Personal Assistant