RoundView training sessions are interactive and engaging. We offer a range of training options: short introductions, a longer foundation course, and full programmes of training to embed the RoundView guidelines into an organisation.

We tailor the training to suit your needs, and have done training for a wide range of people, from school children, to post-graduate students, to senior managers in large corporations. We can also slot a RoundView session into your programme of training or a longer course.

This training can develop a basic level of awareness of sustainability issues, or facilitate an in-depth discussion about the future strategic direction of an organisation, community or area. We aim to include exercises to help you think through issues of concern to your organisation, so the training also offers a chance to think about future directions. Our training includes time for participants to learn from each other, offering a chance for people to network and share ideas.

We can also offer training programmes to build capacity for people in your organisation to deliver RoundView training, using our interactive learning tools and resources.

We can travel to your site, or can arrange training in Manchester, where we are based.

Please contact us to discuss your training needs and options.

We are working on accredited programmes for RoundView trainers -  if you would like to be involved, please get in touch.

” I thought the RoundView guidelines and training were great. They were a simple, visual way of thinking through broad principles, which can then be applied to individual problems. The training was interactive, engaging and positive. I still find myself using the principles to guide decision making some years on!”
Andy Hill – Senior Marketing Manager, Tesco

“The sustainability workshop was thoroughly enjoyable. . . “
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“What this session did for me was build the connection between our site and our world’s ecosystem, that by designing things that work and live like ecosystems you create something which is sustainable, an approach I would never have really thought of…”
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