The RoundView has been spearheaded by Dr. Joanne Tippett of the University of Manchester. It has emerged from two decades of her work in sustainable design and community engagement.

Joanne is a Lecturer in the School of Environment and Development, at the University of Manchester.  She began working in the field of community participation in ecological planning in 1993, working with rural communities in Southern Africa. She went on to test the ideas she developed with a wide range of organisations in Europe and the USA. This work was short listed for the UK Sustainable Development Commission’s ‘Breakthrough Ideas for the 21st Century’.

Joanne is the founder of Ketso, a for-profit social enterprise producing kits for creative engagement. She is currently on maternity leave, until Jan. 2013, having given birth to her first child, Iris.


Since 2009 Joanne has been working with Fraser How, an independent design and communications consultant.

Fraser has a wide range of experience in ecological design and participatory workshops. He is a permaculture designer and teacher, and also a facilitator and trainer with Ketso. He is particularly interested in the application of systems thinking and design skills to the re-design of, well, pretty much everything.

Fraser has worked closely with Joanne to develop the RoundView into its current form as a positively framed set of guidelines and key concepts, with an emphasis on the need to change direction rather than just slow the damage.

Fraser is the lead RoundView trainer and is actively involved in developing and promoting the RoundView.

Dr. Bill Tippett has worked with Joanne and Fraser to develop the hands-on kit for training the RoundView.

Until his retirement in 2004, Bill was Director of Development at Milliken Carpet Europe. His career spanned many aspects of technology and marketing within textiles, in both the UK and USA. He led the Milliken initiative on life cycle analysis and environmental management.

Bill brings a great deal of experience to the team, particularly in product design and manufacturing as well as in business transition towards sustainability.