As part of our mission to create a shared narrative around sustainability as widely as possible, we are developing a range of resources and learning tools that can be used to teach the RoundView. This includes free digital downloads and games. This site is under development and more resources will be coming soon.

We would love to see examples of these resources used in action – please tag us in social media posts: #TheRoundView

Digital Resources

The digital resources that can be downloaded here can be distributed under the Creative Commons Licence Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

If you would like to modify the resources or discuss commercial partnerships, please contact us.

Introducing the RoundView

You can watch this Prezi to get an overview of the RoundView.

Roundview Guidelines (poster)

Download a poster introducing the RoundView Guidelines

Sustainability and time: the Earth’s Journey (Poster)

As part of how the RoundView creates a shared narrative of sustainability comes from the fact that it is set within the 4.55 billion year story of the Earth. This downloadable poster explores the long timescales of life on Earth, and the blink of an eye in which humans have become a geological force.

Sustainability and time: the Earth’s Journey (Hands-On Game)

We have created a free, downloadable hands-on game that you can play to explore this timescale and story (this makes a great warm up exercise for visioning sessions!).

Download and print here (A3 colour print, instructions are on the sheets).

Note: The ‘answers’ are in the Sustainability and Time poster above. You can print it and hand it out after participants have arranged the cards, or project it as a slide to talk through the ‘answers’.

Carbon Clever downloadable learning pack

The first suite of RoundView games designed for use in schools has been developed as part of the Carbon Landscape Programme. They are designed for Key Stage 2 (last few years of primary school).

These are tailored to a particular area (between Manchester and Liverpool in the UK). However, as this was the landscape that fuelled the Industrial Revolution and is thus part of our global story, the games and resources can be introduced in any area. All that is needed is a brief introduction to the Industrial Revolution, the fact that it started in the NorthWest of the UK, and required coal to fuel the factories and canals and railways to bring in the cotton.

These resources includes lesson plans, downloadable worksheets and physical games (introduced with videos.

Carbon Clever Game

This digital game takes you on a quest through the Carbon Landscape, learning about the RoundView along the way. 

3d RoundView hands-on games

We have worked with the social business, Ketso, to design a suite of three-dimensional puzzles that teach the principles of the RoundView in an engaging way. The tools do the facilitation, meaning they can be left in visitor centres and galleries as stand-alone interactive exhibits, without needing a staff member to run the process.

The RoundView games are visually appealing, fun and tactile. Their innovation lies in bringing together visual imagery, poetry and word puzzles into the game mechanics to teach scientific concepts. Images come together as players solve word puzzles, and poetry is revealed to deepen understanding. Younger players (who can’t yet read) can put the pictures together, then discuss the ideas revealed by the completed games.

We are trialling these games within UNESCO-designated sites, as well as partners in the Carbon Landscape. Contact us for more information.