Integrating Sustainability into University Teaching & Learning

The University of Manchester

The RoundView has been integrated into several undergraduate and postgraduate modules in the School of Environment and Development at the University of Manchester, in Planning and Environmental Management as well as the Manchester Institute for Education. Feedback has been very positive, with students seeing this as a way for them to see the bigger picture of their course, and a practical tool for applying sustainability ideas to their projects.

“The evaluation tool really made me think deeper about sustainability issues. This ability to analyse, either products or processes, not just regarding sustainability, is a skill I aim to continue using throughout my career and personal life.

With the aid of Round View, Joanne got us thinking and questioning the term ‘sustainability’, asking ourselves are we moving in a sustainable direction? And how do we know if we are not? What this session did for me was build the connection between our site and our world’s ecosystem, that by designing things that work and live like ecosystems you create something which is sustainable, an approach I would never have really thought of.