National Trust: New Art

Quarry Bank

The RoundView team were invited to provide the research underpinning for a year-long exhibit ‘Unintended Consequences’ at the Quarry Bank, National Trust site. RoundView workshops were run with National Trust staff and volunteers, and with the artistic team that developed the exhibit. Work funded by the John Rylands Research Institute and Library involved delving into the archives with a RoundView lens, to provide inspiration for the artist, Dr Jen Southern, Lancaster University. Find out more here.

What I found interesting was when families played the games together, they often discussed their own relationship with the environment and their impact on it whilst figuring out the puzzles. The games in that sense were prompts for them to have difficult but important conversations about their own daily lives in a way that was reflective and safe. What aspects of their lives should they change? How can they contribute as a family to a more sustainable future for the planet? I think the opportunity for intergenerational learning is really powerful.