What is the Roundview?

Sustainability issues can be confusing, contradictory and overwhelming.

  • The RoundView is a science-based framework for sustainability learning, visioning and decision-making.
  • Taking a systems view, it provides clarity and direction.
  • The RoundView guides us towards a sustainable and regenerative future.

A Positive Framework

Transformative change is possible. By giving us tools to imagine a sustainable future, the RoundView breaks down barriers to action.

It can be applied at any level of scale: in households, schools, companies, neighbourhoods, city regions and landscapes.

A clear understanding of both the problems and potential solutions can also increase personal resilience in the face of our many global challenges.

Confidence, Hope and Inspiration

At the core of the RoundView is a clear set of guidelines for redesigning the way we do things to fit within natural cycles, so we don’t cause environmental problems in the first place. These guidelines create a shared narrative, giving us:

CONFIDENCE that we are moving in the right direction, towards real sustainability.

HOPE that we can actually create a sustainable future, increasing motivation.

INSPIRATION for action in local places from our shared global story. 

Examples of our learning tools

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University of Manchester Making A Difference Award for: Outstanding contribution to national/international engagement

The RoundView: countering climate anxiety with hope, confidence and inspiration.

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What if everyone knew the three root causes of all environmental problems?

We could design things so that we don’t cause these problems in the first place.